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Jo Buxton
Full-stack Developer

Hi, my name is Jo and I'm a full-stack developer from the UK with many years of experience with PHP and Laravel.

I love coding, particularly building APIs, and I like the flexibility of developing across the full stack - there's so much to learn but you're never bored! I've switched stack a few times over the years, but I love how welcoming the PHP community is and how simple it is to get something up and running in Laravel.

I have worked in local government, higher education services, Insurtech and supporting clinical research. I have a scientific background and particularly enjoyed working with research scientists and analysing clinical data. I like smaller companies, where the development team supports the core company function, and you can see the direct impact of your work.

I think it's important to encourage people from different backgrounds into the industry, so even though I'm a bit shy I've tried to be visible in the tech community (helping with PHP Cambridge) and education (volunteering with Code Club). I think what Zuzana is doing with Larabelles is great!

When I'm not coding, I enjoy gardening, sewing and reading fantasy novels. I just like to make things, which is something I've found resonates with other women in tech.If you want to say hi you can usually find me on Twitter 🙂

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