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Klára Neumannová
Freelance PHP Developer

My name is Klára, and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. For a couple of years, I worked as a software tester, where I advanced from being a junior tester to a test lead on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms here in the Czech republic. Part of my work was also to automate part of the testing process, and I think this was when I fell in love with programming ❤️ . Software testing was a great experience, but there was no turning back - I had to quit and learn to program 💻 .

And here I am, almost three years later. I work as a freelance PHP developer on several projects. On a daily basis, I work with PHP, Nette (a framework pretty popular here in the Czech Republic), MySQL, and sometimes I get lucky to get my hands on RabbitMQ and ElasticSearch. I consider myself a backend developer, but I don't want to stop there; I want to learn some frontend technologies too in the future.

I am a very curious and motivated person, and I LOVE to learn new stuff 🎓 . My love for learning and a very friendly community led me to Laravel - I am only at the beginning, but I already know it'll be a strong relationship 😊 . If you want to learn with me, lend me a helping hand or watch my journey, you can catch me on Twitter. I'm looking forward to meeting you all (personally or virtually), and have a wonderful day!

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