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Brittany Steinkirchner
Full-stack web developer

My name is Brittany Steinkirchner and I am a full stack software developer for a healthcare startup called Calvient. I began my journey to software development from a public facing social work like role in 2021 after the birth of my second daughter. I signed up for a local class and dabbled in some HTML/CSS courses and liked it so much I jumped in head first. After learning JavaScript, I began using YouTube to learn React.

It was a difficult job search but I found my role in summer of 2022. My team taught me Laravel and after really being able to get my hands dirty on some projects, one day it clicked.

I am passionate about sharing my journey and experiences as an underrepresented person (both a woman and a mother) in software development and tech with others with the hope that it will empower others to join the journey. In my free time I enjoy reading and of course, being a mom.

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