Women, non-binary and trans people working with Laravel
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Katrina Finney
Full-stack web developer

Hi! I’m Katrina, a Full Stack Web Developer living and working in Newnan, Georgia.

The journey to where I am now has been quite colorful, if a bit less traditional. A few years ago, I encountered the enticing challenge of software development. After studying, completing a bootcamp, and working as a developer for a local non-profit, I became an apprentice at Kirschbaum. I was introduced to Laravel and quickly found it to be an absolutely fabulous framework.

Outside of work I love reading, learning, and creating just about anything, but especially music. I also find deep gratification in assisting others along their programming journeys. I’m driven and inspired by the positive potential of humanity. Development has offered me another lane in which to travel, and I’m thrilled to see where this road takes me.

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Mia Naya Rose
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