Women, non-binary and trans people working with Laravel
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Shruti Balasa
Full-stack Web Developer

I’m Shruti Balasa, a full-stack web developer, mentor, course creator, tech speaker and Youtuber from Bangalore, India. In the last nine years as a self-taught developer, I have developed and deployed more than 200 websites starting from static ones to full-fledged social networking sites and eCommerce websites.

After graduation, I got placed at Citrix R&D for a high pay package, but confidently quit my job in 9 months to pursue my passion and career as a web developer. I have been the chief web developer at iUeMagazine for over eight years hence. iU Online Media has a reach of over 10 Million+ active audiences globally.

I started my journey into Laravel 2 years ago and developed quite a few web apps. Ever since then, I have been recommending and helping more developers get into Laravel. To pass on my web development knowledge, I have created a course on HTML & CSS for beginners on Udemy.

I recently launched my own brand - Thirus ​(pronounced as Thigh-rus)​ - which is currently a Youtube channel, for providing tips and tutorials to students who are entering the world of web development and I also host weekly webinars for newbies.

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Rita Gaherwar
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Maryam Khodaparast
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Shruti Balasa
Full-stack Web Developer
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Erika Heidi
Senior Technical Writer

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