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Maria Beznea
Web Developer

Hey, I’m Maria, a Web developer from Romania and currently living in sunny Portugal. It was when I had to decide what I wanted to study further and to which University I should apply to that I thought of the programming industry because it was in a constant evolution and I was always curious about how computers work.

Wanting to shift from the Fintech area where I started as a Technical Consultant Engineer and then worked as a Mainframe Application designer for a couple of years, I enrolled in a Master’s degree in the UK where I gained a broader knowledge of web development technologies. What I mostly enjoy about web is that I get to see how my code comes to life on the screen and I never get bored of building applications because each one is unique and has different challenges.

I fell in love with Laravel when I discovered it 3 years ago since it has been the easiest and most fun to learn. It’s always been my go-to-framework as it can quickly power up a project and gives you the right tools to develop applications without too much effort. Nowadays I work remotely for a UK-based digital agency and most of my work is backend-oriented but I am keen in learning more about modern frontend technologies and design tools like Vue.js, React, Tailwind and Livewire.

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