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Polly Washburn
Lead Developer

I’ve been making websites since web browsers first emerged. Over the years, I taught myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP and other programming languages. I fell in love with Laravel’s clean and accelerated workflow about 4 years ago. I’ve used it to build community sites like, private web apps for clients, and my own projects.

My web development business identity is Codyssia, a mash-up of Code + Odyssia, a femininized version of Odysseus, because I love to travel and explore on land and water. I was born in Denver, and most recently based there, but have lived in five countries and became a Canadian citizen. I was on the road and in the air for half of 2019, and I’m in the midst of 7 months of travel. I spoke at the 2022 Laracon on “Digital Nomadding in the Time of Covid.”

Given my wanderlust, I’ve always preferred being a freelancer and entrepreneur, but I’ve led projects and teams at businesses, non-profits, and creative projects. I’ve been an award-winning film producer and journalist, and have led workshops on filmmaking, tech, and how to be actively anti-racist.

I consider myself an optimist who believes in the positive possibilities of technology. My mission is to use tech to improve mental, physical and financial health and equity in our society. To that end, I spent the last two years leading the creation of Time Machine, a groundbreaking app that helps people connect lovingly with their past and future selves. I work to increase diversity in tech including my latest interest, expanding who has access to creating and playing with game and immersive technology, and what we create with it. I will be speaking on the future of apps and games at SXSW 2022.

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