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Rachel Williams
Backend Developer

Hi, I’m Rachel 🌞 I’m a backend developer located in Brooklyn.

I’ve been interested in software development since high school, when I realized our world was quickly moving online and wanted to feel in control of the technology I use daily. While getting my bachelor’s degree in computer science at Sarah Lawrence College, I found I also loved the theory behind programming in general (NFA to DFA conversions, anyone?) I was lucky to land a remote backend role at an awesome company after graduating where I’m still working today.

My current goals are to learn as much as I can in all areas of tech that intrigue me! Besides working mainly in PHP/Laravel, I also am learning more about Android development. I’ve recently gotten the opportunity to learn about how we plan tickets for new features at our company, something totally new to me but interesting nonetheless!

In my personal life, I love anything and everything to do with music, and I play piano and cello. I also like to play board games and video games with my girlfriend (sometimes our cat Luna tries to join in too).

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