Women, non-binary and trans people working with Laravel
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Sarah Sibert
Web Developer

Hi everyone, I'm Sarah.

I am originally from the UK but I am now living in beautiful Portugal. My home is on an olive farm with my husband and our family of cats, goats and sheep.

My journey in web development started with VB.NET before moving to PHP. I came across Laravel when I was looking for a more structured way to write PHP. Last year I started using the TALL stack and this has inspired me to write about learning it on a small blog I built called TALL Tales.

I have recently become co-maintainer of the Astrotomic Open Source organisation. Tom has very kindly taken me under his wing and I'm enjoying learning from him while developing OS projects and packages.

My reignited passion for programming and desire to create more useful apps are due to the wonderful Laravel Twitter community and the support of Larabelles.

Professionally I am self-employed and am currently looking for freelance/part-time opportunities.

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