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Katelynn Barlowe
PHP and JavaScript developer

I am a PHP and JavaScript developer living in the foothills of Virginia, USA.

My coding journey started with reading HTML for Dummies so I could create a book review website when I was about 11. I’ve always had a knack for algorithms and problem solving, but been passionate about art and design. Web development was the perfect marriage of those two things!

I studied Computer Science in college while teaching myself PHP on the side. I then worked at a digital agency building large e-commerce and lead-generation projects for almost 13 years. About halfway through my time there, we switched to Laravel, and I’ve never gone back. I took a deeper dive into Laravel as I moved into an application developer role for SpinupWP at the beginning of 2021.

Outside of work, I love to read and cook and bake and play tabletop games and do pretty much anything outside and, of course, spend time with my family (husband, 4 kids and a huge dog).

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