Women, non-binary and trans people working with Laravel
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Kristin Collins
Lead Programmer

I have always been ambitious and my successes in life have been driven by hard work, creativity and an unrelenting desire for accomplishment.

In my early high school years, I was involved in the performing arts where I acted in plays. I also had a leading role in a short film. I attended college at 16 and continued taking classes for 12 years, eventually earning multiple degrees; A.S. in General Studies, A.A.S. in Computer Science and a bachelor’s in Computer Science from Harvard.

While working on my education, I always strived to be self-sufficient by working multiple jobs to buy my first car and to pay my way through college. I then used my job experience to improve my development skills as well as inspiration for some of my hobby projects - I really enjoy sewing, reading, and video games. My passion is creativity and problem solving that accompany programming.

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Backend Software Engineer
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Jess Archer
Full-stack Web Application Developer
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Maria Beznea
Web Developer
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Julia Warnke
Web Developer

If you know a woman whose voice is valuable to the Laravel community, please send us her Twitter handle or an email and a few words about why you're nominating her.