Women, non-binary and trans people working with Laravel
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Maria Yudina
Software Developer

I'm Maria. I'm from Russia. I'm originally from a small city in Russia, but now I live in Saint Petersburg and work remotely as a backend developer in a Berlin startup.

I'm a Software Developer with more than 12+ years of professional experience. My experience is primarily in backend development for web applications. I worked in B2B and B2C companies and startups.

During this time, I have developed entire projects from scratch, APIs for internal and external use, handled integrations with different external APIs, developed an architecture for various web projects and led a team of 4 people.

I have been working with the Laravel framework for the last three years as a backend developer, and it is one of my favourite tools to use. I just recently found the Laravel Twitter community, and I find it very inspiring!

I don't post a lot on social media, but I'm trying to change that. ūüėÖ

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