Women, non-binary and trans people working with Laravel
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Rissa Jackson
Apprentice Programmer

When I was young, I always assumed that computers were magic and programming wasn’t for me. You have to be amazing at math, right? However, after several years of printing hello world as an adult I realized that computers are still magic, but programming is definitely for me.

While getting my degree (International Relations/Chinese) at UT Austin, I discovered that although I loved studying my major, it wasn’t what I wanted to do professionally. I took a Computer Science course and continued on to get a CS certificate before graduating. I haven't looked back since.

My first job was with Laravel. Although originally I wasn’t too sure about $ and ->, I really loved Laravel. Now at Tighten, my second job, I have so many fun coworkers to geek out about Laravel with.

My biggest passion outside of work is acro/partner acrobatics. I never thought I could be athletic, but from the first time I tried acro I was in love. Eventually teaching at festivals all over the US and starting a non-profit for my community, where I served as President for over two years. My superpower is learning new hobbies and skills as an adult. Then when I teach them to others, I not only still remember many of the pitfalls, I occasionally still fall into them.

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Ana Lisboa
Web developer
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Julia Warnke
Web developer
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Backend Software Engineer
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Alison Kirk

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