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Sarah Gilberg
Lead developer

I'm a lead developer with Healthy Building Network, a nonprofit organization working to advance human and environmental health by improving hazardous chemical transparency and inspiring product innovation. A big part of our work is translating our in-depth research and data analysis to web-based tools used by industry leaders to make more informed, impactful decisions about chemicals and products.

I've been with the organization since 2006 and a full-stack PHP-focused developer (self-taught) for most of that time. I first started working with Laravel in 2015, and am passionate about its approach and ease of use. We now have a fully Laravel-based suite of applications.

I live in Washington, DC, with my husband and two kids who love interrupting my Zoom meetings, and I'd be interested in networking with other Larabelles in the DC area. In my rare spare time, I'm a musician and songwriter, and I enjoy birding.

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